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One of the consumer boons of the invention of the Internet is the abundance of online shopping opportunities, especially around the holidays. Unfortunately, many of those sale prices people see don’t include shipping and handling charges. How many times have you jumped on a terrific discounted price that offers $10 off, only to shake your head when shipping costs add $15, erasing that thrill that low prices can generate? Fortunately, there are a few ways to lower and sometimes eliminate shipping costs, though each might come with its own set of restrictions.

Recommended First Stop Online

If online shopping — and completely avoiding holiday crowds, traffic, and fuel costs — is a major passion, consider your first stop This website lists stores that have either free shipping or severely reduced shipping costs or deep discount codes. This site is the impetus behind Free Shipping Day that many merchants have adopted to lure customers, guaranteeing a by-Christmas delivery schedule. This holiday season, Free Shipping Day is the 17th of December.

Regardless of the timing, this information site is available to control shipping costs all year round.

Minimum Orders

Many online retailers will offer free shipping if your order meets or exceeds a minimum purchase amount. That lowest benchmark differs from store to store, so be sure to read shipping information before you buy out the online store, then find out your shipping costs exceed the total purchase amount.

Some sites mix shipping costs per type of order. Some items may offer lower shipping costs than others. It can take a keen eye to note what costs to ship and what doesn’t.

Local Store Shipping

Walmart is famous for this free shipping offer. Instead of having the items land at your door, if you or a representative are willing to travel to the store designation of your choice, the warehouses will ship to that location free of charge. Other locations have taken advantage of that consumer convenience, so if the e-store doesn’t list that option, call your local store to verify.

Site Programs

Amazon has its Prime program that once joined with an annual fee, you pay nothing on designated items purchased through the website. In actuality, your shipping costs are part of your annual fee, but since you gain additional benefits with Amazon, such as free e-books and video streaming options, it doesn’t feel like you’re pre-paying all shipping costs for the next year.

See if your favorite online store has a similar program, especially if you make lots of online purchases there. However, if you surf their merchandise only occasionally, weigh any program fees against the actual shipping costs you’d otherwise pay during the same interim. Some programs just aren’t cost-effective.

Rebate Sites

While the scope of rebate offers found on many of these web locations, some do offer free shipping from designated stores. If you cant find free shipping from the starter site, above, you might want to surf a few rebate sites to find that hidden shipping deal that makes a sale truly inexpensive, keeping costs low when possible.

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